About Us

About Us

The story began with the idea of changing the world but with the question of how and when unanswered. Through years of work and education came the understanding the industry is ever changing and continuously seeking quality products for a lower cost. Placing our hand in the industry is a tall order which we don’t take lightly because we understand investing in our product is investing in us.

We seek to push the limits in the industries of gear manufacturing and carbon Fiber composites through the usage of both additive manufacturing and conventional methods. The beginning of our journey will be based upon carbon fiber infused 3D printed automation components. Our specialty comes in our advanced knowledge of gears, gear boxes and the application of materials. We take passion in moving the world around us with light weight products at affordable prices. That is why our automation product line will lay the foundation for Covalo.

Mission Statement: Covalo Industries’ goal is to be the tip of the spear in advanced technology, from our dedicated R&D department to our manufacturing team.

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