Metal 3D Printing

Metal 3D Printing

3D Printed Metal

Let’s talk about how 3D printing isn’t just for the weekend hobbyist, but a footprint in the future of manufacturing. It’s opening the doors to a whole new world in the engineering industry.

Since 1913, when Henry Ford launched the first assembly line, we’ve been looking for answers on how to reduce manufacturing costs. Many developments have been implemented since Ford, from techniques like lean manufacturing, to robotics and automated production. 3D printing has been around since the early 80’s but not until the past decade has it advanced to the sophistication for end-use parts.

How can you 3D print a reliable metal part in place of a good ole’ fashion machining? I wonder if Henry Ford, Neal Armstrong or Elon Musk were ever told, “It’s just not possible.” Well, it is. 3D printing metal parts isn’t just an idea anymore, it’s a fact, it’s happening, and it’s an opportunity to invest in an efficient, cost-effective method of manufacturing and/or designing machines.

Here at Covalo Industries, we seek to assert our position ahead of a prospering industry, built with the focus on enhanced methods of manufacturing. 3D printed metal is proven to produce reliable parts like traditional manufactured gears. A 3D printed metal gear will reduce a current lead time of 16 weeks to a reasonable 1 to 2 weeks dependent upon precision and application. The ability to eliminate machine set-ups, tooling and programming costs makes for a finished product incomparable in pricing to a traditional machined gear. 3D printed metals have the same processing capabilities as heat treatment, plating and precision machining but 3D printing allows for complex geometric parts with minimal processing cost.

Continued testing and 3D printing processing advancements will push the industry forward with low-cost end-use products. Assisting to reach the industries economical goals with clean electric transportation and low fuel usage will remain Covalo’s top priority.

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