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Covalo Industries’ goal is to be the tip of the spear in advanced technology, from our dedicated R&D department to our manufacturing team.

Covalo Industries Key Features

Carbon fiber design

Custom 3D printed parts

Gear system designs

High precision machining

Automation system design

    3D Printing Tool (Custom 3D Printed Parts) 

    We provide custom 3D printing services for industrial tooling and components. Our team of manufacturing experts will assist you through the design process up until the completion of the finished product. Send us the 3D or 2D CAD files for your consultation, today. 

    We do custom design per your requirement 

    • Looking for a solution for a challenging application? Our design team is well equipped to solve your most complex problems. We offer concept design and prototyping, from industrial/automation design to DFM, allowing us to work on every level of the problem. We specialize in rotary and linear motion systems, using both conventional and advanced manufacturing techniques. Plus, we offer bolt-on solutions to keep your project running quickly and efficiently. We are problem solvers! Let us begin solving yours today. 

    Free Design Calculators 

    • Our goal at Covalo is to make your design process seamless. We offer free calculators to save you time during the design phase. Just enter your contact information and gain access to immediate output data.  

    Carbon Fiber Part Production 

    • In a rapidly evolving industry, electric power and a need for reduced emissions continue to grow. The utilization of advanced materials like carbon fiber will define the performance of your system. We produce both low and high-volume carbon fiber part production. This service extends to the manufacturing of part molds for carbon fiber and vacuum forming.  

    Gear Design 

    • At Covalo, we are gearing people! The foundation of our business is built on our knowledge of gears and gear systems. Our services range from FEA mesh analysis to entire gear system builds, prototypes, and cycle testing. Our product catalog is based upon our lightweight, high-strength 3D-printed gears. Though, we do offer conventional machined gears and can meet all your specifications as required. Whether it be a heat treat requirement or surface coating application, we have the tools to meet your demands.