Linear Actuators

Linear Actuators

Advantages of a Linear Actuators

  • Energy efficient systems
  • High duty cycle capability
  • High loading capability
  • Cost effective devices
  • Low noise operation

Covalo Industries offers custom custom designed motor driven linear actuators. The quality of our actuators begins within our gear train. Our actuators are designed to offer a product with the highest efficiency on the market. Our advanced knowledge of gearboxes allows us to reduce losses when converting rotary motion to linear.

We are constantly thinking of how to make products lighter and more efficient. Furthermore, our internal carbon fiber processing and mold making has allowed us the ability to manufacture carbon fiber housings. Now for heavy duty linear actuator applications, weight reduction can work with the power needed to drive your system.

What are linear actuators?

It is our passion to make your electric linear actuators or rotary actuator efficient and cost effective. We are willing to support you in any step of your process. We pride ourselves on economic design. This begins with understanding your application but ends with designing to the products service life. 

Besides offering our design and supplier capabilities, we enjoy sharing our passion for electric actuators. This may help you during your preliminary design process. Please take a look at our blog on linear actuator design.

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    Covalo Industries provides experts in custom gear design. Our innovation can be found in various industries built on power systems and precision. Covalo’s sales and engineering support teams are ready to assist you, with your gear motor application. Contact us today for a quotation, application support and custom product configuration. Follow the request a quote link to speak with us.