Custom Carbon Fiber Parts

Custom Carbon Fiber Parts

We specialize in custom carbon fiber parts ranging from small to medium sizes. Proprietary processes have allowed us to offer highly competitive pricing for carbon fiber manufacturing, from prototype to production volume. Additionally, we offer processes capable of fabricating carbon fiber parts with the geometrical complexity of a machined component.

Our carbon fiber parts are fabricated based upon your application. We utilize the industry’s highest quality epoxy resins and carbon fiber fabricate to extend the life of your parts and maintain their appearance. We offer epoxy resin systems which have a maximum glass transition temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Our primary process capabilities include resin infusion, pre-preg lay-up and forged carbon fiber. All of these processes allow us to control the resin to carbon fiber fabric to ensure dense and lightweight carbon fiber parts. We manufacture all carbon fiber molds in-house with various proprietary processes to reduce the overall cost.

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Carbon Fiber Fabrics We Offer:

Twill Weave

Plain Weave

Satin Weave