Custom Forged Carbon Fiber Parts

As a manufacturer of custom forged carbon fiber parts and products, Covalo Industries specializes in crafting durable carbon fiber components that perfectly conform to your specifications.

Forged Carbon Fiber Fabrication

With our proprietary processes, we’re able to meet a range of requirements and provide:

  • Prototyping: Our team of skilled engineers are capable of transforming your FEA mesh and turning it into a durable, working prototype.
  • Complex Fabrication: With our background creating detailed gears and gear reducers, we’re able too efficiently produce carbon fiber products with the geometric complexity of a machined component.
  • High-Volume Production Runs: Our proprietary processes allow us to stay ahead of production demands while offering one of the most cost-effective solutions in carbon fiber manufacturing.

Why Choose Covalo Industries for Forged Carbon Fiber Parts?

We have extensive cross-industry experience from automotive to aerospace. And we produce results on-time and accurately, thanks to our team of skilled engineers and designers.

Our proprietary 3D printing processes empower us to beat price and weight restrictions.

We’re a trusted distributor of 3DXTech printing filaments, using their products to cast molds and prototype for manufacturing.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

What is forged carbon fiber?

pieces of chopped carbon fiber

Forged carbon fiber, also known as forged composite, is made from a carbon fiber paste or tiny pieces of chopped carbon fiber. This is different from woven carbon fiber, where carbon fiber forerunners like rayon are chemically heated, stretched, and carbonized.

Is forged composite better than woven carbon fiber?

Forged carbon fiber has a higher fiber volume content compared to woven carbon fiber. Additionally, forged carbon fiber follows no specific weave pattern, giving it a higher variation in how the fibers are oriented. As a result, forged carbon fiber is stronger and it’s ideal for parts with 90-degree angles and odd shapes where the weave of woven carbon fiber would likely become distorted.

Is forged carbon fiber stronger than steel?

Steel is generally considered the standard for industrial parts due to its strength to weight ratio. However, carbon fiber is taking over because it’s actually far stronger than steel. So long as you partner with a manufacturer capable of producing carbon fiber parts in a cost-effective manner, forged composite is the superior choice.

Does forged carbon fiber rust or scratch?

One of the greatest advantages of forged carbon fiber is that it is water-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and very scratch-resistant. This means your carbon fiber parts will never rust like steel parts do, and they will continue looking like new for longer.

Is forged carbon cheaper than carbon fiber?

There is not a significant difference in the cost of materials between carbon fiber and forged carbon fiber, but forged composite is considered superior in strength and durability, especially when working with complex shapes. Our team will happily provide you with a quote if you’re interested in assessing costs.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

The next step in producing your forged carbon fiber parts is to discuss your components with our team of engineers so that we can provide an accurate quote with cost and lead time.

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