Worm Gearbox

Worm Drives

Advantages of a Worm Drives

  • High gearbox ratio capability
  • Reverse breaking design capability
  • Compact gearbox design for tight spaces
  • High output torque generation
  • Low noise generation
  • Large gearbox shock capability

Covalo Industries offers custom worm drives and catalog specified worm and worm gear drives to suit your application. A worm drive system is ideal when looking to have a ratio with compact spacing in mind. Furthermore, here at Covalo we are constantly researching and testing different materials to improve quality and performance capabilities for our gear boxes. Our newest offering is forged carbon fiber housings to reduce large fractions of weight. 

Equally important to weight, worm drive systems are expected to produce high torque outputs. We focus on producing a gearbox system that will maintain efficiency under these conditions. Our worm gear design tools are developed from AGMA standards, this ensures we are designing to industry best practices. Lastly, all of our gears are manufactured by ISO 9001 certified approved suppliers to guarantee a quality gearbox.

It is our passion to make your detailed gears or gear reducer efficient and cost effective. We are willing to support you in any step of your process. Our strengths live in the areas of material applications, heat treatment and surface treatments. Economically designed gears need the correct processing requirements based on the application and volume.

Besides offering our design and supplier capabilities, we enjoy sharing our passion of worm gearbox designing. This may help you during your preliminary design process. Please take a look at our fundamentals of worm drive design technical page.

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