Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Let Us Introduce Ourselves | We Are Covalo Industries

Our story begins like most, with an idea of changing the world, and the question of, “How?” left unanswered. Years later, and with hard work and continued education, we’ve grown our understanding of the ever-changing industry of engineering, and how smart innovation will maintain a competitive edge- and fair pricing.

As leaders in design and carbon fiber composites, we continuously seek to push the limits in the industries of manufacturing, using both additive and conventional methods. It all started with carbon fiber-infused 3D printed automation components. Our specialty lies within our advanced knowledge of gears, gear boxes, and their application of materials. We have a passion for moving the world around us, producing light weight products at affordable prices. That is why our product lines will lay the foundation for change. 


We want to be the tip of the spear in advanced manufacturing technology, from our dedicated R&D department to our manufacturing team.

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