Covalo Industries

Covalo Industries offers competitive pricing with combined product quality on rack and pinion gears, custom carbon fiber parts, and gear reducers.

Covalo Industries seeks to push the field by combining carbon fiber composites and gear reducers. Our dedicated engineering team focuses on how to improve overall efficiency of gear systems. Here at Covalo Industries, we are in the process of developing rotary and linear actuators that will reduce significant weight and manufacturing cost. We offer excellent business solutions and manufacturing for custom carbon fiber parts and a wide variety of gears.

With experience from the automotive and aerospace industry, Covalo Industries has become a premier source of affordable, lightweight gearbox reducers. Covalo offers a product catalog of spur gears, bevel gears, helical gears, rack and pinions, machined from industry top alloys. Our gear product catalog includes gear variants made from 3D printed carbon fiber reinforced polymers. 3D printing solutions have allowed us to produce price and weight reductions on custom carbon fiber parts and CNC machined parts. We offer the combination of custom made gears to your specifications, along with hundreds of catalog items.