Covalo Industries offers competitive pricing with combined product quality on custom gearbox design, precision gearing, custom gear design, actuators and carbon fiber housings

Our specialty is gearbox design!

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Covalo Industries offers efficient gear design by using industry leading standards and software packages. We also design to our own internal standard work to ensure consistency and economical gearbox.

We are taking a unique direction in the industry with our R&D department. Our knowledge in carbon fiber has allowed us to combine the robustness of carbon fiber composites, into custom gearboxes and actuators. In addition, we are developing rotary and linear actuators that will significantly reduce weight. 

This also includes gear variants made from 3D printed carbon fiber reinforced polymers. By using 3D printing solutions, we can offer price and weight reductions on custom carbon fiber parts. In closing, our unique and specialized design processes combined with the use of composite materials gives our customers an array of choices for their distinct application needs.

Dedicated Development

Covalo can support your gearbox from prototype to manufactured good. We have various methods of internal prototyping to evaluate new systems prior to manufacturing test units. Furthermore, we can validate your gear system with internal durability tests and accelerated life testing. With our combined knowledge and internal capabilities your gearbox will go from a preliminary product to a quality gearbox ready for application.

Reliable Products

All of our gear reducers are tested for reliability. We perform accelerated life test on our gear drives to deliver a product to meet your service life. Our advanced internal analysis tools allow us to assess gear systems prior to testing. This process allows for a timely and efficient development.

Covalo offers off the shelf gearbox options to meet your demands. Take a look at our ever growing product catalog to see if we have a product suitable for your application. To go along with our standard gear drives, we also supply catalog gears, actuators and NEMA stepper motors.

A big part of our business is continuous Research and Development within the gear industry to offer a lighter product with high efficiency. We work very closely with companies like AGMA and Gear Solutions Magazine to continue learning and staying on top of new developments.


Due to a growing automation industry that is ever evolving, precision designing and weight reduction is essential. Therefore, we develop weight conscious gearboxes and actuators that can withstand your application’s life-requirements, regardless of the industry market you serve.



Product Center

Using advanced analysis methods to reduce heat generation and maximize output conditions.

Bevel Gearbox

We offer bevel gear systems which is ideal for high efficiency drive systems requiring 90 degree shaft alignment.

Custom linear actuators with carbon fiber housings, these are designed for weight conscious applications where heavy loading occurs.

Spur Gearbox

High efficiency and low noise, these gear reducers are a great selection for low noise environments.

Planetary Gearbox

High torque and low weight, an excellent choice for aerial application.




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