Industrial Automation

Driving Automation

3D printing technology originated within the product development field to promote rapid prototyping and reduce time from concept to finished good. With the developing sophistication of 3D printing technology, industrial automation has emerged as a lead market for FDM printing. Fused deposition modeling possesses wide varieties of manufacturable materials for end use products. Many industry leaders have invested in FDM technology for cost savings in the areas of MTTR and MTBF.

3D printing is changing the supply chain within the manufacturing industry because of the technology’s advantages of processing time and cost. The time for finished products is allowing for reductions in inventory and savings in the area of material wasted. Covalo is taking strides in this area to not only supply tooling and fixturing for automation equipment, but also improving the process of motion systems. The large array of materials ranging from ABS plastics to metal and carbon fiber reinforced nylons expands the range of part applications. See how Covalo is changing the industry with our FDM designed products.