Smart Homes

Gearbox Applications for Smart Homes

Smart Homes is finding its way into many daily tasks to to make life easier.  Covalo Industries offers the design, testing and manufacturing of small industrial grade gearbox’s, gearhead motors, linear/rotary actuators and speed or motion controllers. Smart homes device must be able to operate for high cycles to offer a  reliable product. Supplying solutions for these products is not a problem because of our thorough gear analysis during development. We design our custom gears, gear motors and gearboxes with materials and components which will guarantee a specific operating life.

Smart home applications must be easy to install and replace. Weight reduction and cost is critical when considering the gearbox application. Our knowledge of custom gear applications and composites allows for us to develop a product that can withstand high loads but reduce weight in comparison to standard alloys. High performance and high strength for our gear reducers is not a problem.

Our Team will be with you every step of the process when bringing your drone to the market. Covalo Industries offers commitment through the development and product life. Staring with initial concept to certification testing and field service support. 

Product Highlights

Rotary Actuator for Retractable Pool Cover

We have developed a customized rotary actuator to support the opening and closing of solar pool covers. These actuators contain a compact spur gear gearbox, which is programmable to accommodate different pool lengths.

Smart Vacuum Gearbox Drive System

The days of wrestling with a heavy vacuum and managing feet of power cord is over. Smart vacuums are making their way into many homes around the country. These machines require a light weight gearbox to keep management and energy consumption user friendly.

Actuated Gearbox for automated Windows

Starting the morning with natural lighting can make for a great day. Automated windows that open on command or by timer, can eliminate a task everyday. Covalo offers the design and manufacture of small gearbox actuators that can suit this application to keep things around the house moving.

    Customer Service

    Covalo Industries provides experts in custom gear design. Our innovation can be found in various industries built on power systems and precision. Covalo’s sales and engineering support teams are ready to assist you, with your gear motor application. Contact us today for a quotation, application support and custom product configuration.